It’s time for users, certainly average ones, to switch to Firefox from Google Chrome. Not GOOGLE – which while lacking privacy is still the best search engine, but their browser Google Chrome which is a security nightmare.

Chrome is lightning fast and super compatible, but with its horrific notification system, and willingness to let any ol’ extension install without question – it’s usefulness is exhausted. Despite Windows and macOS having their own notification frameworks, Chrome uses its own system which often gets hijacked by ads. It’s popups are intrusive and half of the extensions made for Chrome are malicious and ad driven which make its notifications worse.

Firefox has advantages when it comes to privacy, control, and malware. Less obtrusive notification system, and extensions that require permissions and a countdown to install. It’s nearly as compatible, super fast, and not driven by a corporation interested in data mining. If you want a more secure, all around better browsing experience, it’s time to install Firefox and ditch Chrome. We did.

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