A budget laptop with good intentions. Its Trackpad is decent enough, with a keyboard pleasant to type on; pair that with a solid state drive and you’ve got enough horsepower to knock out productivity tasks the likes of Office and light Photoshopping – just don’t expect to hardcore game or edit huge 4K video on it.

One shortcoming is its screen. A non-FHD honed in at the antiquated resolution of 1366×768 – leaving your eyes wanting more especially if you’re used to the likes of high resolution (retina) displays. Brightness and colors are fine, but text and images will be jagged and lack detail.


Nothing wrong with this computer if you’re on a budget and don’t need something fierce. It has decent I/O ports to keep expanders happy including a USB-C port. Wireless (802.11AC) is built in, bluetooth, a DVD drive for those living in a cave, and a webcam and microphone. This thing should keep you satisfied in the 21st century of communication with abilities like Skype and other networking platforms.


It’s neither light or thin, but you’re not paying for that kind of finesse. It’s not fair to expect a budget computer to be engineered in the same nimble fashion as a $1,000+ machine. That said at about 5 pounds and half an inch thick its more than portable enough to toss in a backpack and take traveling, around college, or to the office.

Build Quality

Not bad at all. It’s made of hard plastics but they don’t feel like they’ll disintegrate. Keyboard has a great “thunk” when typing down and hard, and the trackpad doesn’t wobble and is relatively precise. Hinges should last without major abuse.


Our Video Review

Final Thoughts

A 4 out of 5 stars, which is better than average. This laptop does nothing superb, but is a decent value laptop that isn’t cheap junk. It’s a GOOD laptop. I’d have no problem recommending this to those in need of an inexpensive productivity computer. Our only complaint is the outdated screen, which is rectified by its sibling the Lenovo 330.