Casio G Shock

The G Shock Square is one of the most iconic watches of all times. Fans of time pieces or those needing a daily beater will all find love on this beautiful device. That said there are some basic funtions that are creating a gap in the modernization of the G Shock square, especially the $450+ versions. Here are some nitpicking wish lists on how to improve such a phenomenal watch. It’s worth noting that Casio is attempting to improve upon the platform with models such as the GBX-100 but that watch is plagued with odd issues and quirks and its just not a “classic square”.

Casio G Shock Square

Step Counter

I’m not sure why I want this so bad, but it’d be nice to have a “move goal” or some kind of step tracking built into this watch. The GBX100s offer this feature but its both inaccurate and I’m not a fan of that watch regardless. If Casio could offer a decent step tracker in here much like the Tissot Connected – we’d have a home run.

Louder Alarm, Beeps, and Vibrations

These all kind of go hand in hand. The fact is this watch is quite hard to hear even in a quiter area. Dialing up the volume of the alarms for the Countdown Timer or Alarms, or offering some kind of vibration built in would make this thing a solid A+ for those working out in the gym or jumping out of an airplane or working on a boat!

Sapphire Glass

I don’t expect the entry level squares to come with this, but when you have all metal squares that are hitting $500+ price range, you expect some more exceptional materials for your buck. G Shocks are meant to take a beating, it’s the whole purpose of their inception! Wouldn’t it be nice if you could beat thing thing to hell and back and it look as good as it did on day 1? Sapphire glass is a no brainer and considering a lot of cheaper swiss watches are coming with it, we think Casio should add this to more of their line up. Sapphire Glass is more durable, more scratch resistant, and easier to see in bright settings due to less reflection.

UI Improvements?

In order to change the time, alarm, or timer, you press the bottom right button to go up a number, and the top right button to go down a number. Counter intuitive. We had a few test users struggle with this, though we aknowledge not everyone will care about this.

Dedicated Backlight Button

Again, something the GBX100 offers, but would be great if the original squares started to as well. This way you can do anything on any screen and be able to see in a dark settings.

It seems that Casio is attempting to modernize the platform but they missed the mark quite a bit in their latest GBX100 iteration. If they could add these things to the iconic original square, you’d have a truly brilliant time piece.

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