Cloud Data Backup

The best cloud-based data backup available.

Ransomeware / Malware

The internet is not a safe place. Malware plagues the web and can hold your data hostage forcing you to pay exorbitant fees. Don't fall victim to trashy hackers. Backup your data the easy way!

Theft / Fire

The problem with onsite backup (like an external hard drive) is it's not safe from theft or fire. Our backup is offsite, housed on multiple servers that are safe and secure.

Set & Forget

Not only is manual backup annoying, it's dangerous. Often people forget, miss files, overwrite others. Ours keeps a 30 day file history and runs in the background. This way you can set it, forget it, and never worry about data backup again.

Peace of Mind

Never again worry about lost photos, deleted documents, or missing music. Your data, life's work, and memories, are all safe.

The effects of data loss.

Data loss is devastating. Why risk losing personal memories, or sensitive client information when it can be easily prevented? 

Did you know that 60% of businesses who experience data loss shut down within six months? Don’t be a statistic!

Experienced Data Loss
0 %
Preventable with G Cloud Backup
0 %

Failed hard drives per week in US alone.

$ 0

Average cost of data recovery.


Data loss cases.

0 mil

Ransomeware attacks.

Why did we do it?

We used a lot of cloud backup systems. Even recommended some for a while. After complaints from our clients regarding speed, customer service, and overall dissatisfaction, we decided to make our own. No more throttling, complicated backup software, or shoddy customer service!

Ransomeware Protection.

File history allows for complete protection against ransomeware. All your files locked and encrypted? No problem, we'll just go back the day before!


Runs continuously in the background. Set and forget. It'll do its thing so you can do the more important things throughout your day.

Unlimited Storage & Speed.

10 files, 100 files, 1,000,000? Take as much as you need. And we won't cap or throttle your speeds like some systems.

Easy restoration.

Need 1 file or all of them? No problem! We offer free online restoration or we can overnight a hard drive with your data directly to your door.

There's something for everyone.





No matter your purpose, use, or platform, we have you covered.

Data backup made simple.

Install. Forget. Relax.

Home & Small Business

$ 99 year / computer
  • Backup of your personal data.
  • Image backup of your programs, apps, and settings. (windows only)
  • Backup of your Applications folder. (macOS only)
  • Unlimited storage.

Server Backup

$ 149 year / server
  • Data backup of any business or hosted files.
  • 2TB Storage.
  • Optimized for business needs.
  • Compatible with server operating systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Under no circumstances do we share your data.

Yes. All data stored with G Computer cloud based backup is encrypted with industry leading encryption. Your data is safe!

Image backup (windows only) takes a complete snapshot of your computer including data, programs, and settings. This way, if you have a drive go down, when you restore your data it’s like nothing happened! This is the safest and most effective way to backup your data.

What will it backup?

  • Documents (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Outlook Data Files and other email files.
  • Music
  • Pictures & Photos
  • Anything in your User Folder

Primarily because it doesn’t need to, but also from restrictions imposed by Apple. That said, we take a snapshot of your applications folder so you’re not missing much if you go down. You still get all of the great benefits of file backup.

Business backup includes all of the benefits of personal backup with some added perks to accommodate the storage and speeds of businesses. It is compatible with Windows Server Operating Systems. We do cap data storage to 2TB but offer bigger custom plans.

Your computer will be backed up for the entire duration of your subscription. We keep 30 days of file history. E.g. if you delete a file on January 1, you’ll have until January 30 to retrieve a copy of it.  Your files are updated and backed up in real time.

Restoration is offered in various solutions. You can restore your data for free from the web. Or have G Computer send you a drive with your data on it, contact us to do so.

*Charges apply for hard copied media mailed out.