iOS is becoming more complicated. This is not a criticism of the platform, instead a thought exercise on how iOS is becoming a capable platform which affects less savvy users.

iOS’s introduction to the world gained notoriety for its simplicity. Any old gran could pick up an iPad; babies had primal instincts to use the iPhone.

But iOS is changing. A power tool with beautiful minimal design is a rare victory for many designs. As they become more usable, they gain more users. As they gain more users, those users demand new features. As these systems adopt new features, they lose simplicity. Interfacing becomes less obvious and challenges your average user.

In the not so distant past, my clients could pick up an iPad and run with it. I didn’t need to give them instructions. Now, there’s a 25 minute walkthrough on the introduction screen alone! Asking permission for TrueTone, thumb print, Apple Pay… It’s intimidating!

What I’m getting at, is that if you’re going to make swiss-army products like phones and tablets, it’s only a matter of time before their operating systems become “complex” like their PC/Mac counterparts. These devices are becoming as powerful as every day computers, so we’ll demand every last drop of that strength with a lack of intuition.

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