This will be a quick one. I went years using a Mountain Bike navigating anything from treacherous terrain to smooth paved roads. While a mountain bike does mountain biking very well, it lacks efficiency in the road going department. With bouncy suspension and thick tires, it drags. I’m just sorry it took me so long to get the hint…

Being cheap and somewhat minimalist I struggled with the idea of purchasing a second bike, but I took the dive and purchased a Cannondale CAADX 105 SE of which I have received numerous compliments for its style and color. More important, I put tons of milage on it with barely a glance at my poor stagnating mountain companion. If you’re traversing roots and harsh terrain a thick tired mountain bike is your best friend, but the Cyclocross bike is such a beautiful combination of function and efficiency that you can take near anywhere.

Whether looking for a first bike or contemplating your daily driver, don’t second guess, buy the Cyclocross. Bikes are a “get what you pay for” item and there is nothing wrong with a budget bike (it’s better than no bike), but splurge if you can. A sweet spot for Cyclocross bikes is around the $1,200 mark, but don’t be foolish with your money and buy what you can afford! There is seldom a bad bike these days, except for a Walmart / Target special. Your local bike dealer should have great products at a variety of prices though.

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