How entitled and lazy must you be that instead of bagging your own groceries you waddle around like a Goomba until the cashier does it for you?

Do you know how much time you save bagging your own shit? You could shave a five-minute process to 60 seconds, but no, you’re too selfish to consider other people’s time, and you lack the self worth to save your own. 

Is it a policy of Trader Joes Corporate that cashiers can’t place items into a bag after scanning it? Instead, they scan all the items, then bag. Meanwhile, the overweight mother idles by tapping her credit card on the counter waiting for the poor bastard to finish while they struggle to make asinine small talk. Is this why the cashiers always “thank you for bagging”? They’re thinking “at least some people in this world aren’t worthless”.

I witness this rude behavior at Fresh Market with the saving grace that their employees scan right into the goddamn bag! If you are able-bodied, and there is no bagger available, bag or help bag your groceries! 

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