Dating is dirty business; online it’s social warfare. Whether looking for casual sex or a long-term relationship, we’re in an age where technology has granted us unfocused access to a huge database of potential partners. To find someone is as simple as swiping left or right with your index finger. If you want success, there are key elements that men and women should adhere to when creating their profile. Simple steps will market you better to access more fitting matches and meet better mates, no matter what your end goal.


Photos are the first thing people notice, so why then are so many profile pictures awful? Men and women require different criteria when posting photos, but the key ingredients are similar. You need:

  1. Head shot,

  2. Full body shot,

  3. Active shot (fishing, climbing, hiking),

  4. A photo with friends.

    Take pride in your photos! A picture says a thousand words, and this is your first impression. Make it count.

    Ladies: Too many of you scowl in your photos. This is neither cute nor appealing. Science doesn’t lie and men find attraction in women who smile. If you want to nab a partner, you need to show those teeth. Friendlier characteristics engage men and develop better rapport. Drop the resting bitch face.

    Gentlemen: Let’s take advantage of primal instincts. Women like men who appear confident. Don’t look like a jerk, but thin those eyes and show a little less teeth. You want the GQ look (Google it). However, women want to see you can be nice too! In a photo with friends or active shot, show that softer side and smile! And for god’s sake nix the gym selfies.

Dating Profile

The most effective profiles will make it easy to generate conversation with your fellow prospects. Listing facts about yourself, while intuitive, doesn’t always paint a vivid picture. Craft a scenario, or story, or describe things about yourself that are deeper and more meaningful. Talk about what you’d like in your future, what your preferred date is.

Don’t be afraid to state what you’re looking for! If you’re looking for something long term and committed, jot it down. If you’re gunning for quick and meaningless – let them know!

Write your description in such a way that generates engaging conversations. Make it easy for someone to ask you a question. Nothing is worse than reading the profile of someone and having nothing to say to them. If you have to ask yourself “What should I say to them?” then their profile needs work. Don’t make the same mistake.


I can’t stress this enough, engage people in conversation. Ladies, your accounts get bombarded with a hundred douche bags implicating unsavory activities. Ignore these people – but if a nice guy sends a thoughtful message but you have no interest, then let them know or ignore the message altogether. Don’t respond with terse responses or not ask questions back. It’s rude and thoughtless. And if you’re more interestd in shotgun style online dating, then switch to Tinder or Bumble.

Men, cut the shit. Stop asking for sex, sending pictures of your toolbox, and if a woman responds that she’s not interested, thank your lucky stars she was nice enough to be upfront. Don’t hound them, don’t get upset if you’re ignored. Move on… And nix the gym selfies.

In general, scrap the hardball tactics. New studies suggest playing hard-to-get when it comes to dating is the wrong path. Researchers say the “certainty and security of knowing where you stand with someone” may make you desire them more.


Online dating has given us a smorgasbord of people to choose from, but just because it’s easy, don’t be lazy and lack creativity when creating a profile. If you want success with online dating post some nice photos, and some interesting information about yourself. It will help with dating services accross the board.

Tinder and Bumble

Tinder is one of the more ideal dating platforms. Humans are shallow and we look at looks first! “It’s the personality that counts!” Sure

But the first thing you notice are the looks and you need to be physically and sexually attracted to your partner. Concepts like OKCupid and are on their way out and for good reason. They give too much opportunity to ruin what you’re trying to find via poorly written profiles and shoddy search filters. Tinder and Bumble don’t play games. You get one chance to to look good, and a quick opportunity to give your elevator speech.

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