Which toothbrush do I want? The Quip, Goby, Sonicare, or Oral-B? The answer is quick and easy, Oral-B. Why? Here’s a simplified review.

It starts in finding the perfect toothbrush. Tired of the expensive Sonicare heads and with rising popularity of services like Quip and Goby – I thought it a perfect time to hunt down a new electric toothbrush solution.

The Quip lost my business after seeing multiple critiques that the brushing experience is easy but it lacked effectiveness as a toothbrush leading to higher plaque build up after extended use. This could have something to do with the weaker vibrations of the brush. A brush should brush. Out!

Goby – seems nice on paper, but they design the brush can’t stand on its own. What kind of oafishness is that? Every other modern electric toothbrush can stand vertical without charging. They look nice, and the heads are cheaper than some systems ($6 a pop) and I love the mail order concept of a new brush every 3 months (we often forget to change our brush heads). But it was lacking in design and the bristle softness raises some red flags.

In came the Oral-B Pro 1000 which may be the perfect brush for most people. The brush heads average $3 a pop and despite crudeness compared to the elegant design of the Sonicare, it seems to do an outstanding job on oral cleanliness. My teeth feel silky smooth, gums get a nice massage from the telescoping (or 3D as they call it) effect of the brush head.

Oral-B has several stages of toothbrushes but I’m not sure many if any will need to go past the Pro 1000. Things like Bluetooth. Bluetooth? If you ever have to ask yourself, do I need Bluetooth in my toothbrush? The answer is, you don’t. Multiple brush modes, and god knows bells and whistles are unnecessary in a good toothbrush. The Pro 1000 is efficient and at $39 for the handle – it’s affordable!

Some drawbacks of the Pro 1000? It’s nosier than the Sonicare with a more engine like pounding than the humming buzz of a friendly bee. You’ll get used to it after a few days, but it’s noticeable. I’m glad I made the move to the Oral-B. Sonicare gouges on the price of their heads and it’s not worth it.

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