Tons of fantastic features on paper, and yet, I don’t want to travel with it any longer. When I first purchased the Peak Design I was enamoured by how much space it has and how durable it remains to this day. It’s modern synthetic materials are bordering on bullet proof and they are water resistant to boot. So why can’t I love it any more? It boils down to a lot of small nit picky things that amount to a larger lack of satisfaction.

03:30 – Annoying Clam Shell 05:16 – Laptop Pocket 06:48 – Uncomfortable Straps 09:33 – Sternum Strap Anxiety 11:48 – Liter or Lack thereof So maybe it’s not so much that there is a better bag, but there is a better bag for me. Like anything in life, opinions and tastes change… and this Peak Design is no longer my “go to” bag.

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