Bio Bidet USPA 6800

Bidets are a great thing. Scratch that, a phenomenal thing. There is no reason every household in the world shouldn’t have one. For those not in the “know”. A bidet is a toilet that shoots water at your bum to clean you a little more hygienically than dry scratchy toilet sandpaper. There are varying degrees of Bidets, from manual hoses to non-electric valve activated to the luxury electric warming dual nozzle automated ones. The USPS 6800 falls somewhere in-between the middle and luxury class seats.

On paper, it offers all the things you’d want. Dual nozzle with adjustable pressure. Air warmer, seat warmer, water warmer, nightlight! You get the idea. But this is a perfect example of how thoughtless design took something very enticing on paper and left this thing a 2 out of 5 star product! Our Bio Bidet USPA 6800 Review!

USPA 6800

Let’s get the Pros out of the way.

It’s a bidet – and does an OK job at cleaning (with some caveats). On paper it’s feature rich and offers a variety of luxuries such as heated air, seat, and water.

Now to the Cons…


A luxury feature for sure, but it’s nice to have if you have a water closet or dark bathroom. Allows for easier “finding” of the toilet. That said, this USPA’s nightlight is less of a guiding light and more of a quasar burning a hole in your retina. The blue LED they used is far too bright and will hurt your eyes as you approach the bowl. Easily solvable with an LED not powered by a nuclear reactor – but they went the Chernobyl route.


Most luxury bidets come with a wireless remote that you control the seat with. Except the USPS 6800 has a truly unfathomably stupid one. Rather than one sided list most other brand remotes, this unit has a double sided remote as seen in the picture. This may seem trivial, but the different functions you’ll need to access during your bathroom break will each be on the opposite side of the remote. You’ll constantly flip the remote over several times a “go”. Not to mention on the Swash Bidet’s you can basically leave the remote on the wall the entire time and not even have to take it down. Not so with this USPA. Two solutions to this are 1: forcing the aeration option on by default, 2: by having all the buttons on ONE SIDE. But in a classic case of engineers not talking to product designers, they have a unit which is gimmicky and unintuitive.

USPA 6800 remote

Rinse Power

By far the weakest of all the Bidet’s we’ve used and tested. The only way to get meaningful pressure is to activate the aeration mode (which is off by default and on the opposite side of the remote). Otherwise, it’s not effective for meaningful cleaning. This one is a pretty severe miss because it forces you to fumble with the annoying remote, while defeating its own purpose as being a Bidet. Clearly wasn’t real world tested before shipping.


Poor. Our’s broke after 5 months by not powering on. Now this could have been isolated to this unit, but we’ve owned and tested several other Bidets and have had no other brand break. Disappointing at the least.


All in we don’t recommend the USPA 6800. A bidet is better than NO bidet, but this one is not well thought out. We’ve been impressed by the offerings from Toto and Swash / Brondell. Toto’s can get kind of expensive and have overkill features the higher end you get, but the Brondell’s seem to offer a solid balance. We recommend this Brondell SE600 as the alternative to the USPA. The only comparative option it’s missing is the dual nozzle feature which guarantee’d you won’t miss. Otherwise it’s a much more thoughtful and functional product.

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