A Weight Blanket Review

What is a Weight Blanket?

A weighted blanket is a comforter designed with weights to increase its mass to a described weight. The purpose is to create a “hugging” sensation and otherwise simulate that “weighted” feeling that most people desire while sleeping. It’s used to cure things like anxiety, insomnia, and otherwise promote a healthier sleep.

Does it work?

I think so. At the very least you feel more pleasant while going to bed. As if you’re getting a hug.

Size & Weight

The recommended weight from most manufacturers is 10% of your body weight. That number is arbitrary and doesn’t have substantial research or evidence to back it up but somehow this became the industry standard when selecting a blanket. Take it with a grain of salt and choose whatever the heaviest weight you can handle.

You can select either individual blankets or ones designed to match the size of your bed. Given these ridiculous requirements you’ll find hunting down the perfect weight and size to e a bit of a challenge. Our recommendation is to pick the one that matches your bed size and go with the heaviest. Acclimate with it a few days, and if it’s “too heavy!” back it down 5 pounds and so on.

We wound up trying the 20, 25, and 30 pounders all in sharable king size. Note, the size that you get from any of these weighted blankets won’t drop off the edges of your bed. It’s by design to prevent the blanket from falling off the edges and sliding to favor a side. Odd at first, but makes sense in practice.

In terms of weight, its preference. Neither seem to sleep cooler than the other.

Zonli vs YnM Weighted Blankets Review

A picture of a weighted blanket.

Cooling & Material

The Zonli and some YnMs are made from Bamboo. The YnM 2.0 is cotton.

We found that Bamboo doesn’t sleep as cool as claimed. They feel cool to the touch, but in real world application they will warm up from your body heat. The Cotton seems to breathe better than the bamboo thus we felt the cotton material of the YnM was superior for keeping us “cool” despite any marketing or suggestions. We didn’t kick the blanket off as much.

Which Should I Get?

For our needs the 30 pound did the trick. We’re also not buying the bamboo gimmick. Cotton breathed just as easy and kept us cooler. If you hate the feeling of a ton of weight, go 25 lbs. Still? Back it down to 20. Find your sweet spot, but do give it a few days at the chosen weight to acclimate.

We’d dissuade against purchasing Gravity or HUSH blankets. Both brands are near identical to Zonli and YnM but you’re paying 3 times the price for Silicon Valley marketing gimmicks. We also have other opinions on HUSH suffice to say we recommend shopping elsewhere.

We’d recommend going with YnM despite being more expensive. The YnM comes with a duvet cover, though we choose not to use it because it’s too much effort to put on. You can wash weighted blankets in a washing machine and dry flat.

If you can’t afford the YnM for whatever reason (they range about 30 to 50 dollars more) then go Zonli. Bamboo or Cotton? Go Cotton. Not as soft, but better in practice.

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