The Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series is Dell’s entry to midrange computers that are geared towards average computer users needing productivity workhorses. While they don’t get the flare of the XPS, they are great computers that are worth looking at.

Despite some questionable reliability practices from Dell, we are overall impressed with their product lineup. A lot of their machines are made of good materials, have clever innovations, and have a nice design aesthetic whose mid range products are catching up with the premium ones.


Fast, good keyboard which will allow for fast and accurate typing, backlit, latest wireless tech, solid anti-glare screen, LOUD speakers, user repairable and upgradable.


Battery life, trackpad ever so finicky.

We recommend the Dell Inspiron 15 5000 and think it would be a great computer for anyone needing a mid range productivity power house. How does it compare? We like it better than most ASUS Vivobooks, and while its more expensive, it’s a nicer machine than the ACER Aspire as well. We’ve found Lenovo’s to be more reliable as of late, but Dell’s customer service is superior to Lenovos.

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