Love your Airpod Pros but hate the way they fall out of your ears? Us too… The AirPods, and notably the AirPod Pros, are some of the best wireless headphones you can get. Easy to use, noise cancelling, and good fidelity. But their Achilles heal is the silicon tips. They get nasty with ear wax, they are uncomfortable with extended use, and they tend to slip out of most peoples ears when exercising. Today, we’re here to review a solution!

Buy your own Comply Foam Tips!

What are they? Comply Foam Tips

They are foam tips, similar in feel and design to the Shure olives, meant to replace the inferior silicon inserts Apple includes with the AirPod Pros. Installation is easy, you pop off your old silicon tips, and clip these into place. They come in Small, Medium, and Large sizes (you can also get a sampler pack if you need to test out your best size.


They create a better seal which will enhance audio fidelity. They are also more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. And by some unexplainable measure, they don’t get dirty near as fast and keep your AirPods and the case much cleaner. When exercising, such as jogging, the AirPod Pros are less likely to fall out, and if you’re biking, you’ll have less issues with wind noise.

So why did’t Apple include these to begin with? My guess is because white foam tips would get yellow and nasty looking very fast and Apple wanted to compliment white AirPod Pros with white tips for better aesthetic. Classic case of beauty over functionality. But these Foam Tips are a great investment for your AirPod Pros and are bound to enhance your experience.

Buy your own Comply Foam Tips!

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