Protect your business

G Computer’s 3 part program designed to keep your business safe from the malicious lurkers of the internet. This set & forget system is easy and affordable and monitors your computers from the cloud so you can keep your mind on what you do best!

Malware | Firewall

Super powerful malware protection. Our system keeps your workstations and servers on lock down to make sure none of the bad guys get in.

Remote Management

No matter where you are we keep you safe. Traveling, local, remote office, our remote and patch management systems ensure your computers are in good health receiving the latest updates and patches and that nothing is slowing you down. Should you have a computer issue, our software allows us to securely remote into your machine and assist you whenever.

Data Backup

Our superior cloud-based backup system will exist on whatever computer you'd like to make sure your data is safe from fire, theft, loss.


Small business now, success monster later. Our packages grow with your business no matter how many computers you’re using.


Anti-Malware, Firewall, Patch Management, Remote Management, Image-based Data Backup. Available for Windows.


Anti-Malware, Firewall, Remote Management, Data Backup. Available for Mac.

all sizes

No matter the platform, let it grow with your business.


Malware | security

Prevent your computer from infection of viruses, ransomeware, malware, junkware, adware, and all the other “ware” you don’t want plaguing your machines.

"Real Site" Protection

This protection prevents access to spoof websites that are loaded with malware. Best way to stop junkware is to never browse near it! 

Content blocker

Block the malicious software and contect from access. Peruse the web seamlessly with walls placed only at the spots that are trying to hurt your computer. *Businesses can setup custom blockers to prevent access to specific sites if they want.

Remote access

Included with your Malware system is remote access on every computer in your office! This allows our technicians to get into your computer in case of a major issue and bail you out.

patch management

Add our patch management to missions critical workstations or servers for $5 a month or lower. For Windows workstations or Servers.

Comprehensive coverage

Automatically patch physical and virtual Windows servers, images, workstations, and third-party apps with our trusted and secure source of patches.

  • Includes both security and non-security patches while 
  • Prioritizing patches according to security level
  • Includes often ignored software and scans for updates on the entire machine!

cloud data backup

Protect your machines from Ransomeware, Theft, Fires, and Failure. Backup some or all of your computers; safeguard that server of yours! Our backup system is Set & Forget so the only time you have to worry about your data is… never.


Not all businesses are the same, and neither are your needs. Contact us and we’ll tailor the package and price specific to your organization.




*quantity discounts available 

Super powerful malware/virus protection

Robust Firewall

Real Site Protector

Malicious Content Blocker

Avaiable for PC / Mac

Remote access for every computer in your office - FREE




*quantity discounts available 

All the benefits of the SAFE package +

Remote Management

Remote Computer Health Checkups

Patch Management




*quantity discounts available 

*An addon for either Safe or Fortified Packages

Super Easy and Secure Cloud Backup System