Are you the victim of constant hassle from Best Buy’s Geek Squad by receiving emails with no unsubscribe option? Are you getting solicited for service contacts or hassled for “Action required: Install your Internet Security Software”?We are too, and it’s annoying (and illegal)!

The FTC requires companies to have an unsubscribe link in their marketing emails. Without it, they can receive fines up to $16,000. However, it’s absent from the foes at Best Buy and Co and in our experience is nye impossible to get removed.

The Experience

In keeping short, after purchasing an iPad online from Best Buy, I began receiving non-stop harassment from Best Buy and Geek Squad to install their Internet Security Software. I’d get emails with the subject line “Action required: Install your Internet Security Software”. The ironic part being you can’t install this stuff on an iPad. I don’t make a habit to bitch about free stuff, but there was no way to stop receiving these emails, and they came twice a week. A small annoyance, yes, but that’s not the point.

I will later post the transcript between myself and the Best Buy representatives, but long story short their condescending and useless team of Customer Support representatives assured my removal from their marketing emails. So why was I still receiving them? While explaining (calm and collected) that I was still getting their junk, they told me to put the mails in SPAM rather than offer me a solution to remove me from their database. They offered other infuriating suggestions, but that’s besides the point. They shouldn’t be sending emails that don’t offer a simple way to unsubscribe. Not to mention emails that have no application to the product I bought!

Here’s how I removed myself, and with great difficulty.

You can’t contact Best Buy. They don’t know, and they don’t care. But after several phone calls with Geek Squad at (800) 433-5778, I was victorious in removing myself from their heinous acts of email harassment.On my final call I experienced two transfers before reaching someone who gave a shit. The first representative had me repeat my issue numerous times only to place me on hold for 9 minutes, 53 seconds (used a stopwatch) which he researched what he could do. Another transfer and another representative later, I’m connected with someone who ran me through the same hoops. It’s like they’re playing a game! Following orders not to remove you from this list. After another transfer I reached a representative whom after yet another explanation of the problem, put me on hold for a minute, then got back on the line and claimed he removed me from the list. And here’s a link [to the FTC website] to report this BS.

Here is Best Buy’s Corporate Info

Best Buy Phone: 1-888-BEST-BUY

Geek Squad Phone: 1-800-433-5778

Address: Best Buy, Inc. 7601 Penn Ave. Richfield, MN 55423

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