Thinking about getting the Lenovo Ideapad 3? Think again.

Our video review

While not the worst computer in the world, it comes close. Cheap build quality, a lack of meaningful features, and abysmal value make this laptop a real “loser”. Performance on the notebook is fine – better than average for productivity notebooks in fact. But this is all hampered by an “industry worst” display. Using the machine will be frustrating and fatiguing. There is zero excuse for manufacturers to put in non-FHD displays these days yet Lenovo did regardless. Low res isn’t its only failure either – from a general quality standpoint the display is lackluster in terms of brightness and backlight bleed.

Another big red flag is the build quality. Neglecting the fact that our test unit was malfunctioning out of the box (a first in a long time) the overall construction and materials of this notebook are hands down some of the worst. We do not feel this notebook will hold up well over time, and due to Lenovo’s triage system on their entry level products, you’ll be waiting a long time for in warranty repairs.

Its keyboard is pleasurable to type on and we think most people will have a good experience there. The full size numpad is also a big plus for those looking to do data entry. Speakers on the computer are also OK. We’ve heard much worse in other laptops; these are somewhere right in the middle. Audiophiles will need headphones for any meaningful audio listening. We’d argue the speakers are good enough to watch movies with, but the display is so bad, why would you want to? Battery life on it is paltry. We can’t imagine most people will get more than 4-5 hours practically speaking. I/O on the laptop is decent with the exception that it’s missing a USB-C port which may be a deal breaker for some. While USB-C is still a “luxury” we feel it’s getting close to a necessity.

There is simply no reason to buy the Lenovo Ideapad 3. It’s not the strongest, or the best built, or the most powerful, and doesn’t have any meaningful features. It excels at nothing. As a result, we do not recommend buying the Lenovo Ideapad 3. Even if you’re after something cheap, a beater, or on a fixed budget, there are better options available.

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