Review unit configuration:

  • Ryzen 3 4300U
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM
  • Radeon Graphics
  • 24″ Non-Touch 1080P FHD Display
  • 256GB NVMe SSD
  • DVD+-RW Drive


A 24″ FHD Non-Touch screen that’s crisp, clear, bright enough for general indoor usage and solid blacks, true whites, and good contrast. It’s a great panel, albeit not color calibrated or 4k, but it does suffer from a bit of viewing angle issues. Not horrible, but not as good as others.


“Sound by harman” – still a gimmick. Loud, but not a ton of definition. Not for audiophiles. Good highs, no mids and no lows. No distortion though, so that’s a plus. Fine for podcasts or general usage but audiophiles will want headphones or speakers.


I wish it had USB-C. Big omission on Lenovo’s part. 1 USB SS, 2x USB regulars, HDMI throughput, and gigabit ethernet. I/O is disappointing all in all but gamers will like the throughput option. Not recommended for audio editors or video editors due to lower graphics card and lack of USB C port. Features Wifi AC, bluetooth, and a webcam with a privacy shutter built in. No Windows Hello security features. All in all, no frills without a lot of fluff or gimmick, but that may not be a bad thing. It’s a basic All in One for basic users.

Who is it for?

Non-profit, small business, entry to average computer users needing something with a lot of power to browse the internet, stream videos online, have a ton of browser tabs open and using lots of productivity software.

Who is it not for?

Serious gamers, 4k video editors, audio editors.


It’s a fast with good build quality, but no frills computer and there isn’t anything wrong with that necessarily. There’s no wireless charger on the base, and no extra HDD port, but everything is user repairable / fixable (or perhaps better to take it to a computer shop) and it has good value.

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