Data loss is a horrific thing. It’s why we encourage data backup! The pit in your stomach when your photos, music, and cherished memories are lost into digital ether. Luckily, G Computer has your back.

We have state of the art tools that enable us to have one of the highest success rates with data recovery. Whether it’s simple File System repair, or hardcore like driver platter transfer, we’re equipped to get your data back.

No stress! Contact us today!

Data Recovery Tiers

Data recovery is a complex science but we’re here to make the process simple and affordable. We’ve split up data recovery into three simple categories to make the process less nerve racking while informing you of your options. We guarantee safety and privacy with your data recovery, and even better, G. Computer holds one of the most successful data recovery records in the industry. Don’t trust your recovery for the noobs, trust it with the pros. We’re the pros. 

East RecoveryHarder RecoveryCatastrophic Recovery
-Accidentally Deleted a file
-Corrupted Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook File
-Lost files, but have a backup system in place
-Formatted / Deleted a drive
-External Hard Drive Failure
-File System Failure
-Ransomeware Data Encryption (Decrypting Data)
-Scorched Hard Drive Platter
-Fire Recovery
-Solid State or Hard drive wont turn on.
-Drive making a clicking noise.

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