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ASUS VivoBook F512DA (2020)

Testing Configuration

  • Ryzen 3 3200U

  • 4GB RAM

  • 128GB NVME SSD

  • 15.6″ FHD Non-Touch Display

Speed & Power

While on paper the specs are lack luster, the machine flies under normal conditions. Boot times are quick, and general operation and productivity tasks suffer from little lag. The 3200U is a fine processor for the basics and equipped with the solid state drive creates a nimble little unit. It’s not meant for heavy gaming, video editing, or RAW editing, but it will do general tasks and light editing in a pinch.

RAM & Storage

Comes with 4GB soldered on with room for another 8GB stick to install later down the road. 4GB is fine for basic tasks but you may want to add more RAM if you’re going to start popping open a ton of Firefox windows and Chrome tabs. Comes with a 128GB SSD, but you can upgrade the flash storage if you’d like. Or, because it’s equipped with USB-C, you can add an external hard drive for an easy storage addition.

Reliability & Quality

It’s made of solid materials, and the Vivobook platform has a large array of units. We haven’t received any ASUS vivobooks back for major servicing or problems so we can vouch for the quality of the laptop.


Windows 10 S – upgradeable to Windows 10 Home for free. Built in fingerprint reader, webcam, and microphones. The display is a 15.6″ full high definition screen so it has great resolution, but colors and clarity don’t pop like they do on higher end panels. Still, considering the price, it’s hard to ask for more. The most impressive thing about the ASUS VivoBook is its profile. For a 15.6″ computer its small and light. Not the likes of the LG Gram, but one of the smallest 15.6″ we’ve tested, and certainly he smallest in its price/category. It’s a table top laptop but would be fine for students or air travel if necessary.

Input / Output

  • 1 x COMBO audio jack

  • 1 x Type-A USB 3.0 (USB 3.1 Gen 1)

  • 1 x Type-C USB 3.0 (USB 3.1 Gen 1)

  • 2 x USB 2.0 ports

  • 1 x HDMI

  • 1 x micro SD card

Who’s it for

  • Small Businesses

  • Non-Profits

  • People needing a fast eco-laptop

Who’s it not for

  • Heavy Gamers

  • Heavy Video Editors

  • Power RAW Photo Editors


Designed and equipped for basic tasks, the upgradability, reliability, and profile of the computer make this one of the best 15.6″ laptops you can buy at this price. If you’re working from home, or need something cheap and on a budget. This is a great computer and we’d recommend it.




Around 8 hours w general use.

Size & Weight

14.06" x 9.07" x 0.78"
3.86 lbs.


1x Headphone-out
Audio-in Combo Jack;
1x HDMI;
2x USB 2.0;
1x USB 3.0;
1x USB3.1 Type C;
micro SD card reader


15.6" FHD Non-Touch