Our Asheville Itinerary

Hiking Pisgah

A hike strenuous to the knees with a steady but steep incline – though Old Rag in Charlottesville is harder. The view along the way was standard, though a pleasant environment. When you exit the woods and onto the giant landing rock you’re instantly taken aback by the outstanding vista spanning the Asheville mountain side. Great reward for what is a couple hour hike and a solid workout to boot.

The Hub

Makes me want to sell my house and move to Pisgah.

Have a cheap beer after browsing an REI-type shop. Get your bike tuned, have another cheap beer. Enjoy the gorgeous mountain scenery. Go for a hike. Have another cheap beer.

Go home to Williamsburg and be sad that you’ll never get to…

Have a cheap beer after browsing an REI-type shop. Get your bike tuned, have another cheap beer. Enjoy the gorgeous mountain scenery. Go for a hike. Have another cheap beer.

Hiking Dupont

The waterfalls were beautiful, but the hike wasn’t challenging. The best part was getting close up selfies and portraits of the booming falls and all its glory. This hike is more the relaxing picnic site seeing type – if you want a workout, look Pisgah.

White Duck Taco Shop

This place reignites my faith in the restaurant industry. If only places like this existed in Williamsburg, VA (life pro tip; they don’t).

$2 beer. Dank tacos. Lit margaritas. Banging queso sauce. Fast service. Great price. Fast service. Stop reading. Go.

This place is so good that despite Asheville’s impressive catalog of fine dining and our trip only being a couple days, we went a second time.

Botanical Gardens

The perfect location for a first date or a seasoned sweetheart. Admission is free with donations happily accepted. The grounds cover about 3/4 a mile worth of plants, flowers and trees, and it’s a great place for a picnic and relaxing meditation. A wonderful start to a perfect day. Peaceful and checking out some neat plants. Ever see Purple Toadshade? Me neither, and it was cool.

Pinball Arcade

This place is fucking cool. A catholic priest would describe it the same. $15 gets you an “all you can play” Pinball experience while perusing the history of Pinball and the machine’s origins. Fascinating for anyone much less gamers. We couldn’t recommend this more. Entertaining, and the staff was friendly and accommodating considering the load of people.

Be prepared for a line in the morning, we recommend getting their early to secure your day-long membership. And if the antagonizing gravity of Pinball weighs down on you after hours of play, they have a whole two rooms dedicated to arcade and video games.

A gem of Asheville, and recommended for anyone.

Sierra Nevada Brewery

The beer and the campus (facility) get a 5 star. The food and the crowd get a 3.Average that out to a 4!

I will never understand bringing your children to a brewery. Dogs, children, and pregnant women everywhere. Counter intuitive, no? People, stop bringing your screaming kids to a brewery. Inappropriate and it ruins the time for others. Breweries have accepted this new trend of bringing children to a facility that serves alcohol; of course to increase sales. It’s not fun for the whole family. Get a baby sitter.

The beer was cheap, tasty, the service great. Their self guided tour along the campus offers an IMPRESSIVE look at their facility. Just…. leave your kids at home. There’s enough people there without the need of tripping over children and animals.

They didn’t mark the food areas well, and as a result people were cutting in line, and the wait times to get a basket of bread was close to 20 minutes. We didn’t let that ruin our time though.

Even the drive up to the brewery was “wow-ing” taking a page out of Biltmore.

Solid place and we’d recommend going if you like beer. Who doesn’t? Apparently children do, too.


Some sections offer a more ritzy part of town. Lots of ethnic restaurants and interesting shops. You can see where the young crowd of Asheville gets its taste in clothing – most of these stores cater to the Rainbow Connection! Worth a visit, but the bang for the buck isn’t as exciting as the stuff you see on the outskirts.

The Coco

Asheville was a fantastic place to visit, but we have one piece of constructive criticism! Fix your roads! Asheville highways are confusing, curvy, and riddled with traffic from incompetent drivers incapable of dealing with your confusing and curvy highways. Your local roads are slow, 1 lane, and peppered with potholls. Otherwise… keep being you.

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